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EasyZNC - Free IRC bouncers

EasyZNC offers dependable hosting solutions for IRC users through our provision of free ZNC bouncers on various internet relay chat networks such as Twitch, QuakeNet, EFnet, Undernet, and many more.

Our services are utilized by individuals worldwide who seek to access IRC networks securely and anonymously. We specialize in concealing your IP address from other users on IRC to maintain your connection's anonymity and security. Our commitment to ensuring our users remain continuously online on IRC 24/7/365 ensures you never miss any message with an EasyZNC-provided bouncer. Additionally, our free BNC is easily accessible from multiple devices, including mobile devices, and various clients. You can also fully customize your BNC using either our web-admin panel or command line through an IRC client.

Request a free BNC or get a fully featured ZNC bouncer by upgrading to Premium. Do you need help? Read the Help or contact us.

24/7/365 Always connected to IRC!

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