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In case you encounter any problems, errors or other issues related to your BNC or while browsing our website, we are here to assist you. You can choose from various contact methods available on our website and leave us a message describing the problem you are facing. Our customer service team is dedicated to resolving all your concerns in a timely and effective manner.

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Question: Answer:
What is a BNC (bouncer)? Find out on Wikipedia.
Is this service still available? Yes.
Does this service cost money? No, but you can upgrade to Premium or donate to support us.
Is this service secure? Yes. We do not save logs nor ask for your personal information.
My request wasn't approved. Why? We let you know in the reply.
Which software is used? Latest stable ZNC version (1.8.2).

ZNC Modules

Feature: Description:
SASL SASL server authentication capability.
Identd User ID and system as identification.
NickServ Auths you with NickServ.
Autoreply Reply to queries when you are away.
Awaynick Change your nick while you are away.
vHost Custom hostmask.
Playback Buffers Loads messages when connecting to ZNC.
Multiple Networks Users can connect to several networks.

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